School Administrative Unit #9

Course Reimbursement, Track Changes & Certification

Course Reimbursement 

If you are planning to take course, please begin by reviewing your negotiated agreement. There are limits to the number of credits for which you can be reimbursed each year, and at different times during the year. Courses do need to be approved by your supervisor and typically be related to your assignment.  
  • CEA - up to 8 credits per year/up to 4 credits per session 
  • CESP - up to 8 credits per contract year
  • AFSCME - up to 4 credits per year
  • BEA - up to 12 credits per year if the educator is enrolled in a degree or certificate program, up to 6 credits if the educator is not
  • Bartlett (Noncontracted) - up to 8 credits per year
  • Jackson (Contracted) - up to 2 graduate courses per year
  • Jackson (Noncontracted) - up to one course per year
    *Most contracts and agreement reimburse at a maximum of the UNH per credit hour cost.    

SESSIONS DEFINED: *based on the END date of the course

SUMMER:         Ending between 07/01 - 08/31 (submissions open March 1st)
FALL:                Ending between 09/01 - 12/31 (submissions open June 1st)
SPRING:           Ending between 01/01 - 06/30 (submissions open Oct. 1st)


  1. Fill out the online form 
         2020-2021 course reimbrusement 

  2. You will receive an email with your form attached.  Print it out and ask your building principal/director to sign it.
  3. The form must then be sent to the SAU office for approval.  
  4. Register for the course.  Keep proof of your registration and payment.  (Proof of registration and cost must be sent to the SAU#9 office by the second week of the course.)
  5. Take the course.
  6. When you finish the course, please submit the Course Credit Form along with your proof of payment and official grade report.

Track Change

 If you anticipate you will qualify for a track change, you must notify the Superintendent's Office. Track Change Form

  • CONWAY: If you are a Conway employee, notification must occur by November 1 of the year preceding that in which the change will occur.  
  • BARTLETT: If you are a Bartlett employee, notification must occur by December 1 of the year preceding that in which the change will occur. 

In September of that year, if you have earned the correct number of credits for a change, you will be moved to the appropriate track. (Official transcripts must be submitted to the Superintendent's Office by October 1 of that year to confirm credits earned.)  

If you have not yet earned enough credits at that time, but do so by February 1 of the next year, you may request the change to take place at that time.  
However, you must have submitted the initial request by the November 1 or December 1 date of the prior year depending upon your contract. Mid-year track changes will be pro-rated to the effective date.

District Certification Renewal Forms 


  1. Please note: you must be recommended by the Superintendent for renewal upon review of your professional development before you can renew your certification online.

  2. All renewals must be done before June 30th. Renewals after June 30th will be charged a $50.00 late fee by the DOE.
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