Course Reimbursement & Track Changes

Course Reimbursement and Track Changes
Please refer to your Negotiated Agreement / Personnel Policy

I want to take a course.  What should I do?
If you are planning to take course, please begin by reviewing your negotiated agreement.  There are limits to the number of credits for which you can be reimbursed each year, and at different times during the year.  Courses do need to be approved by your supervisor and typically be related to your assignment.  
CEA - up to 8 credits per year/up to 4 credits per session (summer/fall/spring)
CESP - up to 8 credits per contract year
AFSCME - up to 4 credits per year
BEA - up to 12 credits per year if the educator is enrolled in a degree or certificate program, up to 6 credits if the educator is not
Bartlett (Noncontracted) - up to 8 credits per year
Jackson (Contracted) - up to 2 graduate courses per year
Jackson (Noncontracted) - up to one course per year

Most contracts and agreement reimburse at a maximum of the UNH per credit hour cost.  There are also differences in the other costs that can be reimbursed based upon your agreement or the policies under which you fall.  

To take a course and be reimbursed:

  1. Fill out the online form:  Course Reimbursement Form
  2. You will receive an email with your form attached.  Print it out and ask your building principal/director to sign it.
  3. The form must then be sent to the SAU office.  
  4. Register for the course.  Keep proof of your registration and payment.  (Proof of registration and cost is required by the second week of the course.)
  5. Take the course.
  6. When you finish the course, please submit the Course Credit Form along with your proof of payment and official grade report.

I now qualify for a track change.  What do I need to do?
If you anticipate you will qualify for a track change, you must notify the Superintendent's Office.  If you are a Conway employee, notification must occur by November 1 of the year preceding that in which the change will occur.  If you are a Bartlett employee, notification must occur by December 1 of the year preceding that in which the change will occur.  In September of that year, if you have earned the correct number of credits for a change, you will be moved to the appropriate track. (Proof of credits earned must be submitted to the Superintendent's Office by October 1 of that year.)  If you have not yet earned enough credits at that time, but do so by February 1 of the next year, you may request the change to take place at that time.  â€‹However, you must have submitted the initial request by the November 1 or December 1 date of the prior year depending upon your contract.  Again, you must submit proof of credits.  Mid-year track changes will be pro-rated to the effective date.

Track Change Form

For Example:   If you think you might qualify for any track change at any time during the 2018-2019 school year, you must complete the track change form by November 1, 2017 (CEA) or December 1, 2017 (BEA).   Any track change form received AFTER those respective dates will push your eligibility for the track change into the 2019-2020 school year.  If there is any chance you will be eligible for a track change, we encourage you to complete the paperwork.  If you do not finish the courses, we can just delay the change.

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